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Our Work

While we do love selling beautiful jewelry, our family business started in 1969 with watch & jewelry repair. THAT is our passion. Owner and in-house jeweler, Robert Stoneberger, has over 45 years of experience, and that shows in his work. Below we've shared some of our favorite pieces, and we'll continue to update this page to give you a better idea of the work we do, the work that we are so proud of!

Custom Ring.jpg


Custom Pieces

This custom designed ring is one of our favorites for 2023! We try our best to make every customer's vision a reality. 


Total Repair

The owner of this ring was unsure if it could ever be restored to it's previous condition. Luckily, after some searching, we were able to find a matching stone! By the time it was returned to it's owner it looked brand new. Our jeweler's 45+ years of experience is definitely noticed in his work. 

Total Ring Repair.jpg
Solitaire Ring Repair.jpg


The Broken Band

Band repairs are very common! Many customers have brought rings that had to be cut off for medical reasons. Do not panick! They can almost always be repaired and look as good (if not better) than they did prior to being cut off! 


Family Heirlooms

This is our favorite!

We love to hear the stories behind a piece of family jewelry, and being able to resize or repair it for continued wear is a great feeling! This specific ring was the customer's late grandmother's. 

Grandmothers Ring Repair.jpg
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